Putting Extra horses on the block? Here’s how to get it right

Putting Extra horses on the block? Here’s how to get it right

“Life is too short to drive a boring car.” 

If you want to convert your daily life into a power-packed beast and don’t mind the increased fuel expenses, we have got a few mod recommendations that you can buy and install over the weekend.


But before you hit the store to buy supplies, make sure your naturally aspirated engine can sustain the extra horsepower and torque numbers.

So let’s get started.


Air intake

Toss your factory intake in the trash because, with a new cold air intake, you can gain up to 15 horsepower. Who wouldn’t love that? 


Cold air has higher oxygen density as compared to warm air, which leads to more powerful combustion and hence increased horsepower. 

While you are at it, you might as well get a performance air filter for better airflow and increased power. A performance air filter can add 3 to 10 horsepower to your factory engine, depending on the vehicle’s model.

Exhaust  manifold

A performance header and exhaust manifold will demand more air intake, which leads to significant gains in power and torque. If you want to drive your car on the streets without getting a ticket, avoid those loud exhausts. They sound great, but you might end up paying more in traffic violation fines than the cost of a loud exhaust system. 


Your car doesn’t have to be louder. It just needs to be faster. Go for performance exhausts that are designed to legal exhaust emission norms in your state. Yes, such exhausts exist.


Turbochargers are all the rage among car enthusiasts. Compared to turbochargers a decade ago, modern turbochargers have become more sophisticated with an efficient heat dissipation mechanism that lets you go fast and far.

The turbocharger kit can be ordered online based on your vehicle’s specifications. And when it comes to installation, it is best to let a professional do it for you. If the installation goes well, you can expect around 50-200 horsepower boost. 

Fuel Pump

Now when you have cold air intake and performance filters in place, you don’t want to let your engine run dry. This is why you need an aftermarket external fuel pump to keep up with the thirsty engine. 

Bosch 044 fuel pump is your best bet because the manufacturer is a named brand that stands behind its products. A substandard fuel pump not only dampens the performance but also poses a safety risk. Also, poor compatibility or lack thereof is another major concern.

And to make sure the air-fuel ratio doesn’t fall out of proportion, you will need to install a fuel pressure regulator as well. This will keep things in tandem with each other.

When you get the extra horsepower on the block, don’t forget to upgrade your tyres and brakes because your stock parts will only last so far.In case your car needs dyno testing for the performance curve analysis, feel free to visit QuickBitz.

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