Raceworks Teflon Hose Fittings

Your journey of building a racing monster out of your regular family car is never going to be easy. You install a new part, test it on the track, tune it, test again and it goes on and on.

While you remain focused on big turbos and EFIs, it's easy to miss out on parts, such as hoses, that carry essential engine fluids.

Regular hoses do work, but they tend to break down under extreme pressure and temperature conditions, especially in turbocharged vehicles. To get you through this without a hiccup, we have exactly what you need.

QuickBitz provides Raceworks Teflon hose fittings that can carry hot engine fluids with ease. This reduces the likelihood of bursting a hose during hard-revving, saving you from losing a race, or maybe life.

We understand that every race enthusiast loves to red-line their car on and off the track. And with turbos running, engine fluids can get too hot, but not for our Teflon hose fittings.

We have Raceworks fittings available in different shapes and sizes, with bend angles ranging from 0 to 180 degree for making all types of hose connections.

If you have any query related to the purchase or installation of these hoses, feel free to get in touch with us.
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