Fuel Pressure Regulators

Fuel Pressure Regulator Overview

Naturally aspirated engines are reliable but lacks excitement. If you fancy your car on a drag strip, we have got supplies you need to build a race monster.

However, excessive tuning comes with challenges which must be offset to avoid blow-ups and breakdowns. One of the essential components to support a turbocharged motor is a fuel pressure regulator, and we've got the choicest of them for every budget and requirement.

We source high-performance fuel pressure regulators designed to plumb with any turbo and can handle up to 1000 horses without making a grunt. Keeping in mind the limited space in the engine's bay, these parts are designed compact and lightweight.

Buy quality parts because they're worth more than just the price you pay...

Quick Bitz is all about quality performance parts and the sheer thrill they create. We know how exciting it is to build a car with your own hands. Considering all the time, efforts and midnight oil that go into mods and tuning, we believe you don't want to ruin everything with a subpar part that can’t take any of the beating.

When you buy from us, you are buying a part that grows with you and your car.


What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pressure regulator?

A fuel pressure regulator regulates the fuel going into the fuel injectors. When it goes bad, you will notice misfires and a significant drop in fuel efficiency and acceleration. When your car burns more fuel than normal due to a bad fuel pressure regulator, you will notice excessive black smoke coming out of the exhaust. A fuel pressure regulator can go bad in more ways than one and exhibit symptoms such as sooty spark plugs and fuel leaks that will be evident from the gasoline smell on the dipstick or gasoline dripping from the exhaust.

How does fuel pressure regulator work?

A fuel pressure regulator is indispensable to your car’s functioning. This component supplies the fuel injector with the right amount of fuel pressure to support combustion. Without this crucial component, the fuel injectors will receive either too less or too much fuel, causing the system to collapse. The fuel pressure regulator meets the varying fuel demand at different RPMs and ensures proper air and fuel mixture; thereby, preventing throttle lags. As a result, you get to enjoy a smooth driving experience.

Do I need a fuel pressure regulator?

If your fuel pressure regulator isn’t working properly, and you are wondering if you need a new one, then be informed that you will definitely need a fuel pressure regulator to keep your car going. The fuel pressure regulator ensures steady fuel delivery and prevents throttle lags as you press or release the accelerator. You can either purchase OEM or a cheap aftermarket replacement, depending on how long you are planning to keep your car. Contact us to get more information on this so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Does the fuel pressure regulator increase horsepower?

Most amateur tuners believe that installing an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator will increase horsepower, which is not true in its entirety. In order to handle the increased fuel delivery from the fuel pressure regulator, you will also need larger capacity fuel injectors. But if you are looking at significant gains, you will need a more powerful fuel pump, thicker fuel lines and ECU remapping to ensure proper air and fuel mixture.

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