Fuel Injector Cleaning

Australias leading injector testing facility

Designed and built in-house, specifically for the testing of high flowing aftermarket fuel injectors. Driven by a Haltech ECU and capable of flowing injectors of up to 5000cc/min and beyond.... More

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Dyno Tuning & EFI Systems Melbourne

Before you take your ride to the drag strip, make sure it is performing to its maximum potential so that you don't end up losing by a nose gap. That hurts more than a breakdown.

When you decide to max out your car's motor, leave no stone unturned. Drive into our facility for dyno tuning in Melbourne and get adjustments made to the ignition, air and fuel supply. This ensures significant performance gains in terms of horsepower and torque.

Our dyno tuning focuses on how your car performs 60 feet off the start line, because this 60-feet window decides your win in a quarter-mile race.

EFI Systems – why should you get it?

Electronic Fuel Injection Systems are designed to replace perfectly working carburetor, and it makes sense because EFIs ensure consistent air-fuel mixture to deliver better fuel efficiency than a carburetor does. Our advanced EFI systems work in tandem with turbochargers to give you enhanced throttle response without compromising on mileage.

Looking for last-minute performance gains? We offer a wide range of plug-n-play parts to enhance your engine's performance on the fly. With a couple of tuning-tweaks and part replacement, you will be all set to draw the big number 11 on tarmac.

Australia's leading injector testing facility

Fuel injectors are the integral components that can make or break an engine. Whether you drive a sleeper or a family car, it is important to have fuel injectors tested and serviced regularly.

QuickBitz specialises in fuel injector testing for all models and makes.

Why is it important, especially for tuned-up vehicles?

One of the common issues in a fuel injector is the worn-out O-rings. Initially, the symptoms are subtle and hard to detect, and by the time you get to it, it will have done a lot of damage already.

Tuned-up vehicles with turbochargers often burst into flames on a drag strip, and the reason can be worn-out O-rings. This is because turbochargers run hot at high RPMs. And since they sit close to fuel injectors, a small amount of leakage due to worn-out O-rings can set the vehicle on fire, literally. To avoid such situations, get your fuel injectors checked and serviced at our facility.

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