WBC1 - Single Channel, CAN Wideband Controller, 4.9LSU Sensor, CAN Cable (4'/1200mm), Power Supply Cable, Weld-on Bung, Quick Start Guide.


Pressure Sensor Extension Kit 450mm/18" Fragola -4 AN Hose with Male & Female 1/8th NPT Adaptors & Rubber Insulated P-clamps - Suit 1/8th NPT Thread MAP, Oil & Fuel Pressure sensors.


Ford Barra 4 Bar MAP Sensor (inc loom conversion BA to BF) -50 to 400 KPa Suits BA BF FG FGX


Oil Temperature sensor High Range 150°C - 1/8 NPT thread (inc Bosch EV1 plug & pins)


4 Bar Motorsport MAP Sensor (includes HT-031001 - Male Deutsch DTM 3 Connector)


WB2 - Dual Channel, CAN Wideband Controller, 2 x 4.9LSU Sensor, CAN Cable (4'/1200mm), Power Supply Cable, 2 x Weld-on Bung, Quick Start Guide.


Plug and Pins Only - Delphi 2 pin GM style Coolant Temp Connector (Black) suits HT-010300 - Coolant Temp Sensor - Small Thread HT-010302 - Coolant Temp Sensor - Large Thread


Plug and Pins Only - Delphi 2 Pin GM style Air temp Connector (Grey) suits HT-010200 - Air Temp Sensor - Small Thread HT-010202 - Air Temp Sensor - Large Thread HT-010204 - Air Temp...


Euro Pressure Sensor. Suitable for Fuel, Oil and Gasses this EPT3100 sensor is a high quality stainless steel pressure transducer suitable for automotive, industrial hydraulics, refrigeration, off-road, construction and agricultural applications. Complete with wiring instructions and a...


Plug and Pins Only - Delco Weather Pack 3 pin GM Style MAP Sensor Connector - Orange suits HT-010104 - 3 Bar GM MAP Sensor HT-010106 - 4 Bar GM MAP Sensor


Coolant Temp Sensor - 1/8 NPT Thread (includes HT-031000 - Male Deutsch DTM 2 Connector)

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