Performance Tuning Services

QuickBitz offers professional in house dyno tuning services on most vehicles and ecu's.

  • A MINIMUM 4 Week Pre-Booking is normally required.
  • A refundable deposit of $250.00 is payable on booking, if cancelled no later then 1 week before booking.
  • Minimum Tuning Cost is of an aftermarket ECU is $1750.00 and includes the following:
    • Dyno tuning and equipment hire
    • Extra Time is charged at the rate of $250 per hour
    • The listing price is JUST for dyno tuning and equipment hire, any additional work or tuning software requirements is not included.
  • An Indemnity Waiver form must be signed prior to tuning of the vehicle can begin.
  • Factory ECU calibration also available although pricing is dependent on make and model.

Online Booking Service Coming Soon!!

We are currently in the middle of setting up an online Tuning Booking Service which will enable us to offer you a better turn around time for performance tuning of your vehicle.

Contact Us for all your Tuning Bookings and Enquiries

 Tuning Testing

Dyno Hire

The QuickBitz Hub Dyno is available for hire. 

For local tuners or others that want to rent our hub dyno, we offer competitive rates and we offer complete confidentiality and full service rental for you and your customers. We also offer full Consulting Services of QuickBitz professional dyno and tuning personnel.


If you are developing parts or testing different engine configurations, using the same dyno provides the consistency required when gathering data.

We can also provide specialized personnel, should you require them.
Here are examples of what our dyno can be used for:
  • Parts development
  • Comparison of parts
  • Testing and tuning
  • Dyno shootouts
  • Club/Industry events



$185 per hour ( flat rate)


$250.00 per hour (With QuickBitz Consulting or Dyno Operation Services)

     Tuning Services


    Testing And Tuning


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    Performance Tuning Services






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