Fuel Level Sender Signal Conditioner - Filters a resistive signal for use with an Analogue Voltage Input (AVI) (includes HT-031016 - Matching Set of Deutsch DTM 4 Connectors)


Genuine Hitachi Nissan R35 GTR OEM Ignition Coils.  Suitable for high HP applications


Raceworks LS1 Ignition Coil (includes Plug & Pins) A finely tuned engine demands the most precise measuring equipment, and you can rely on Raceworks Sensors to provide the accurate data your ECU needs. Our range...


Boost Control Solenoid 3 Port 1/8th NPT- 33Hz (includes hose fittings, rubber isolated mount and HT-031012 - Matching Set of Deutsch DTM 2 Connectors)


AMS-2000 V2 Boost Controller Pro The AMS-2000 is laptop programmable and offers the ultimate in tune-ability for your boost curve!!! 10 Control Strategies: Time Based Shift Variable Voltage(Ex. Gear Position Sensor) Engine Rpm TPS Air...


Genuine Hitachi "R35" Ignition Coil with mating connector, pins, and seals. All dressed up with a Haltech Label. A popular upgrade for many engines due to their high output. Conversion kits may be required depending...

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