Quickbitz was founded in 2009 by Michael Kalaitzakis who turned a backyard hobby into a living dream.

Michael Started off in the area of wiring stereos and aftermarket ECU's in for friends cars back in his High School days, which off course lead him to start learning the art of performance tuning.

The man 'Stix"


By the time Michael was out of High School his tuning skills had excelled to that of a professional, he had the quickest radial street 6 cyl in the country being that of Milan Opacics 2jz Chrysler Centura at the time.

Moving on he started what was to be the beginnings of a long list of record breaking cars and the start of a full time career. Starting with his personal KE20 SR20 Corolla in which he built from the ground up and fast tracking it into the 7s, making it Australias quickest street 4cyl at the time.


Car Testing


It was at this time, that Michael started to assist Rookie Prostock racer Bill Kotsias with the data analysis and tuning of his BRE 398ci SBC Prostock Pontiac GTO.


Pontiac GTO Tuning


Working together in the prostock world, they excelled very fast and managed to qualify and even make the semi-finals at times, considering the difficulty in such a hard bracket with so many of Australias best drag racing teams, the was a major achievement at the time and after setting the Willowbank Dragway and personal record with a 6.98@195mph the team stopped racing though still hold the World Record for the quickest cast headed SBC N/A door car!!

It was during Michael's early 20's that he started to build his brothers Kristian Kalaitzakis Toyota Supra. With Kristian's Supra, Quickbitz became the quickest prostreet import at the time and held no 2 and no 3 spot for many years behind big block twin turbo veterans.



Quickbitz once again shook up the prostreet blown scene with the only 186ci import vs 600+ci field! Time went on and the Corolla needed an upgrade and it was then that the team purchased the Toyota BBC Supra from our friends in the USA, this was where we could continue testing our products on.

Within the first year of racing we reached 2nd position and held it for 2 years and still holding 2nd spot on speed. Again at this point in time, the decision was made to temporarily put racing on hold to concentrate on our growing Quickbitz.

As with all parts that are sold by Quickbitz, we only sell what we have tested and /or used in our own or customers race cars. We sell the parts we know work!

Off course with all the testing of different products, it didn’t take long to realise the importance of injector data and fuel system flow dynamics.

Quickbitz Testing Products

Michael searched and could not find a local supplier or technician that could offer flow matched injectors or even accurate flow figures for cores that we supply. This lead Michael to develop the Real time EFI flow bench where we can simulate real engine conditions acquiring relevant injector and tuning data.

The development of the first real time bench allowed us to offer pretested flow matched performance injectors that we have a growing demand for.

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