Jarrods Immaculate VL Calais Turbo

bosch 1150, garret, GT3582r, haltech elite 2000 -

Jarrods Immaculate VL Calais Turbo

Jarrods imaculate vl was back in for a touch up after his clutch let go on the dyno last time he was in.

This time round he has upgraded to a R33 Skyline GTST gearbox and a twin plate clutch. 

Utilizing the Haltech's closed loop boost control functions and our own PID strategy we are able to stay on target for our boost pressures as shown on the dyno graph below.

We are using a set of Denso IK27 Spark plugs

Unfortunately with the clutch now not slipping, the limit of the current factory trigger system was reached and we could not push any more power safely. 

With a crank trigger kit to be installed and a fuel system upgrade in the near future 400rwkw on PUMP 98 should be achievable with a Haltech Elite 2000 ECU on board running the show. 



340KW Dyno Graph RB30ET GT3582 PUMP98 Haltech

VL Calais Turbo Quickbitz Dyno Room

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