Elite Equiped Suzuki Sierra 1.6L

Damien originally contacted us in regards to purchasing an ECU package for his engine swapped and turbocharged sierra. We decided that the Elite 550 was a good choice for this particular vehicle because of the lack of required input and outputs and no need for any stepper motor idle control or drive by wire.

As the SOHC 1.6 utilizes an 11mm fuel rail a set of non turbo supra injectors were supplied by Damien which we cleaned and flow tested then also creating an injector dead time table. This process allows us to input the most accurate data possible into the ECU - resulting in a more stable and reliable Air Fuel Ratio.

In addition to the Elite 550 a Single Channel CAN O2 Wideband Controller Kit was installed to take care of the closed loop fueling and the factory igniter and coil ditched for the more powerful and compact LS1 unit.


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