Nicks Nissan R31 Skyline

From its humble beginnings as Nicks first car this R31 Skyline has come a long way to now become his weekend toy.

In and out of the shop a few times to get things right the car came to us originally for the installation on the Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 and can wide band controller. In addition to that we added a second Bosch 044 fuel pump as we knew the single pump was going to run out of puff really fast.

Once on the dyno we ran into some issued with misfires that were traced back to triggering issues. A problem that we see on many RB30 as the aftermarket replacement crank angle sensors many are now running are hit and miss.

Nick not wanting to risk engine damage wanted to know how we could move past this issue safely and permanently our advise was to fit a crank trigger kit. 

Along with the crank trigger kit 6 x LS1 coils were fitted and the car was ready to back on the Hub Dyno

At 31 pounds we reached 447kw.





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