Twin Turbo SBC Camaro

Twin Turbo SBC Camaro

Barry Hall brought us his Camaro so that we could get his individual coils setup and modify the wiring harness to suite the new Haltech Elite 2500 ECU.

We also upgraded the injectors to a set of Quickbitz Flow Matched 1650cc Injectors as the 1000cc injectors in place were going to top out a little early.

We managed to find the limit of the intercooler fairly quickly at only 15psi with intake temps reaching 90c + by then end of a run.

Making a whopping 667 kW with ease!

Some features we are utilizing in this calibration 

Closed Loop Boost Control 

Closed Loop Fueling Control with Short and Long Term Fuel Trims to maintain an OEM Level of fueling control.

Engine Protection to intervene and help try protect the engine.


  Engine Protection


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