When does your car need Dyno Tuning?

When does your car need Dyno Tuning?

Dyno tuning is used to measure engine output, which includes measuring the torque, horsepower, and air-fuel mixture. With every vehicle type, the technician can adjust the air-fuel mixture and timing of the preferred settings. Such tunings can occur for different engine loads and conditions.

Dyno tuning is a particular type of tune-up that can improve the ride of your vehicle and increase the efficiency and performance of your car.

Reasons for Dyno Tuning

As you must have understood, dyno tuning helps in to tune a vehicle so that it can offer a more cost-effective and smoother drive to the rider. Dyno tuning in Melbourne will also help in dealing with common issues such as,

  • Pinging
  • Poor gas mileage
  • Lack of power
  • Surging
  • Difficulty in starting the vehicle

If you need performance work done on your vehicle, you can consider getting a dyno tune to have an optimum performance of your car. It’s quite useful in resolving many of such problems.

What better a dyno tune does to your vehicle?

A dyno tune can assist in providing maximum power, excellent fuel economy, better drivability, and a smoother ride. It increases the horsepower of your vehicle and also returns the car to stock fuel economy. Further, it even prevents or minimizes backfire in the engine.

Dyno tuning is also useful in saving you from costly repairs. It helps vehicles’ engine to perform at its optimal level, reducing the wear and tear in the car. Further, the life of the engine also gets extended after dyno tuning.

Are you witnessing noise or vibrations in your vehicle?

If yes, then you must reach out to a professional technician to dyno tune your vehicle and also get it checked if the inline fuel pump installed in your car is compatible with your vehicle!

Most people in order to meet the increased demand of the turbocharged engine pull the tank out, install the pump and then put the tank back in. This isn’t the right way to move forward as installing an in-tank fuel pump is a labour-intensive task as well as time-consuming.

Our experts will suggest you use a bosch 044 fuel pump, which is quite easy to install and operates like a charm.

Well getting your vehicle dyno tuned is one great way to improve the performance of your vehicle and further helps in the maintenance of the car as well. Consider getting it done if you haven't!

Happy Driving! :)

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