For over a decade, QuickBitz has been a prominent player in the EFI industry, providing exceptional service to workshops and racers throughout Australia.

Our extensive involvement in professional motorsports alongside leading-edge teams has resulted in countless hours of in-house product development and testing.

Unlike conventional injector test benches, our Haltech-driven test bench can simulate real-life engine conditions with varying duty cycle, voltage, rpm, and pressure, resulting in unparalleled Injector Flowing performance.

This technology is NOW AVAILABLE to YOU!

Injector Flow Bench

Fuel Injector Clean and Flow Service which includes the following:

  • Coil Check
  • External Clean
  • Ultrasonic Clean
  • Filter Baskets and O-rings replaced where required
  • Flow Cleaned and Tested
  • Spray Pattern Inspection
  • Detailed Report
    • Test Voltage
    • Fluid Temp
    • Fluid Pressure
    • Fluid Specific Gravity
    • Duty Cycle
    • RPM
    • Flow Differential
    • Injector Flow Rate CC/MIN


Is a fuel injection service necessary?

Fuel injector cleaning is one thing and servicing it is another. While fuel injector cleaning has little-to-no significance, servicing it thoroughly can prolong the life of the component and retains engine performance. Fuel injection service is necessary for diesel engines, in order to remove the gunk that builds up over time. It is also likely that your mechanic will catch other potential problems while performing a fuel injection service. So, it’s worth your time and money.

How often should you get a fuel injection service?

Fuel injection cleaning should be done every 70,000 miles on an average. But there’s no such thing as the best time to clean fuel injectors. You can consider getting them cleaned/serviced if you notice a gradual drop in fuel economy and/or acceleration. If your vehicle feels sluggish to drive or if it struggles under load, it’s about time to get your fuel injectors cleaned by a professional.

What does a fuel injection service do?

A thorough fuel injection service will take at least 40 minutes. The process involves checking the pressure regulator, fuel lines, and fuel pump. After flushing the fuel injector, the system is then cleaned using a specialised cleaning solution that removes gunk and macroscopic contaminants. In the end, your car’s ECU is re-tuned to ensure proper air-fuel mixture. After a fuel injection service is done, your car will feel smoother and pepper to drive.

How do I know if my fuel injectors are bad?

A failing fuel injector will show signs of wear before it goes kaput. So, always stay alert to these telltale signs, including rough engine idling, abnormal engine vibrations, decreased fuel economy, engine misfire, fuel leakage, your car might fail the emission test, and if you are lucky, the engine check light will come on. Replacing fuel injectors is a relatively expensive affair, therefore, it’s better to avoid the trouble by getting your fuel injectors cleaned and serviced regularly.

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