Fuel Injector Cleaning and Flowing Service

QuickBitz has been in the EFI industry servicing workshops and racers all around Australia for well over 10 years.

Heavy involvement in professional motorsport with leading edge teams has lead to countless hours of inhouse product development and testing.

Unlike most injector test benches which will pulse all injectors to the same conditions, our Haltech driven test bench is able to fully simulate real life engine conditions with varying duty cycle, voltage, rpm and pressure for the ultimate results in Injector Flowing.

This technology is NOW AVAILABLE to YOU!

 Injector Flow Bench

Fuel Injector Clean and Flow Service Costs $25 GST Inc per Injector which includes the following:

  • Coil Check
  • External Clean
  • Ultrasonic Clean
  • Filter Baskets and O-rings replaced where required
  • Flow Cleaned and Tested
  • Spray Pattern Inspection
  • Detailed Report
    • Test Voltage
    • Fluid Temp
    • Fluid Pressure
    • Fluid Specific Gravity
    • Duty Cycle
    • RPM
    • Flow Differential
    • Injector Flow Rate CC/MIN
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