Taking Care of Your Vehicle's Fuel Injector: Everything to Know

The longevity and performance of your vehicle are primarily dependent on the quality of its fuel. However, your vehicle may remain good as new, even if you've utilised the top quality of fuel on the market. The reason? You most likely need to clean your fuel injector.

A fuel injector cleaner pressurises and pumps the fuel into an opening controlled electronically, which sprays the fuel into the piston. This allows the burning of the fuel faster, also allowing the fuel to be distributed more efficiently.

How Do I Know I Need My Injector Cleaned?

We would recommend that you get fuel injectors cleaned every 65,000-95,000 miles. If you've noticed a sudden decrease in your fuel efficiency, a loss of power in your vehicle or an unresponsive feeling when the car accelerates, that might indicate that you require the services of cleaning your fuel injection.

Other irregularities include:

  • Rough idling
  • Hard starting
  • Throttle hesitation
  • Poor overall performance
  • Pre-ignition sounds

Cleaning your fuel injectors is similar to a tune-up for the fuel injection. It could make a huge impact on the performance of your car. The kind of fuel that you choose to use in your vehicle can play a massive role in the frequency of cleaning the fuel injectors, so ensure that you use high-grade gasoline your OEM recommends. Also, don't forget to substitute the faulty haltech ecu parts. 

Why Do I Need It?

There are numerous reasons to consider a fuel injector cleaning service to keep your vehicle in top-notch condition. The most important benefits include:

  • Saved cash on fuel costs
  • Decreased emissions from your car
  • Extended engine life and performance
  • Restore and protect your vehicle's performance
  • Increased gas mileage

Many stores may offer an oil cleaning service for your fuel due to an unclean air filter. To avoid being up-sold, ensure that you're in the proper mileage range to get the service. You can also ask them to test your fuel pressure before cleaning your fuel injector.

Other Fuel Injector Problems

In addition to blocked fuel injectors, leaky injectors could cause problems for your vehicle too. If your injector is leaky, you might have to deal with a different issue altogether. You should consider the possibility of replacing or repairing your fuel injector as soon as possible. 

Leaks in vapours and fuel can result in an engine fire, which can significantly impact your vehicle. Even if it might not cause fire, you're at risk of damaging your engine from not having enough fuel or a higher temperature. Once you've identified the issue, getting it fixed can help avoid piling the cost of costly repairs.

Red flags of a leaking fuel injector include:

  • Gasoline leak: If a fuel injector breaks or cracks, the fuel might leak out instead of flowing through the nozzle. In such a case, you'll spot gasoline on the nozzle with a noticeable smell.
  • Decreased fuel economy: With a faulty fuel injector, you'll need to fill up the tank more than you should.
  • Smell: An open or leaky injector will exude a foul fuel odour.

Final Word

Your vehicle's fuel injector plays a crucial role in the engine's proper functioning. Getting it cleaned and serviced at regular intervals will keep your beloved vehicle in top-notch condition. 

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