Maximise Your Car’s Potential with a Haltech ECU in Australia

Designed to control various engine features, such as air intake, RPM, engine load, and more, a Haltech ECU in Australia will let you fine-tune your vehicle the way you prefer. These ECUs regulate fuel supply alongside the timing of your spark plug to increase fuel efficiency and bring your engine up to optimal power. If it's customisation and increased vehicle power you're after, Quickbitz can provide them...

Our Haltech ECUs let you make the most of what your engine already has. These units are designed to control various aspects of modern engines, such as air intake, RPM, engine load, etc. Based on these readings, the ECU then regulates the fuel supply and spark plug timing to make sure your engine runs to the optimal power and fuel efficiency. In a nutshell, it’s an engine management system that takes care of the engine dynamics to make you go faster or more economically, depending on your individual driving preference. You can contact us to have a universal ECU installed in your vehicle. We also have a range of fitment accessories that you will need for the ECU conversion and mapping. And you’d be glad to know that we offer free shipping on qualified orders. Shop now!

Why do you need an aftermarket ECU?

If you are building a race car, you can only go so far with stock parts. While fitting an after-market turbo combined with a little snort of nitrous can give you significant performance gains, these components will not be supported by the factory ECU.

This is where Haltech ECU really shines and lets you tap into the maximum potential of your engine. You'll be surprised by what your engine can do when maxed out with turbos and precision-led Haltech ECU for optimum running.

We see Haltech ECUs fitting in private garages as well as advanced workshops where race cars are built and tuned. We offer a complete 'plug-n-play' kit, or you can buy parts or accessories individually.

We strive to make these top-of-the-line products available to you at highly competitive prices. Claim yours today.

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