Top 3 Ways To Maximise The Performance of Your Turbocharged Car

Once you get into the habit of enjoying the unstoppable speed and performance of your car, it becomes very irritating to find the vehicle lacking it after some time. Well, this happens! Yes, even after installing a good quality turbocharger in your car, you might have to face the lag of speed after some months. Regardless of the reasons behind this, there are several ways to make your vehicle get back to action within no time.

How to boost the performance of your turbocharged car?

Most of the cars coming from the manufacturers don’t have the perk of super great speed. And that is why you have to take the help of a turbocharger that is added to the engine in order to exceed the speed limit and even for the smoother, better performance of the vehicle. But if after some years you find the vehicle going to back to square one and losing the speed and good performance, then try these ways to get it back to a rocking drive:

Replace the air filters — You can call it the easiest and probably the cheapest way to boost the performance of your car. Since most of the air filters are made with paper, (so that they can absorb more debris and dirt entering the car easily), these do restrict the proper flow of air in the engine. Well, this blocks the speed limit of the car -- and even after you have the turbocharger, you have to bear a slower running vehicle. What you can do is replace it with an advanced, breathable air filter to enjoy an unhindered cleaning of the engine and better speed of the car.

Install an electronic boost controller — So basically, for a turbocharger to bring you the exact jet speed you yearn for, it has to blow a high pressure of air in the engine. (The more the air, the greater the speed and performance of the vehicle.) But this function might go haywire after several years. However, an electronic boost controller regulates the amount of air that is to be boosted and simply sends the excess of it to the waste-gate to get eradicated from the car. This improves the smoother working of the car a lot.

ECU remapping — The factory settings provided by the manufacturer are set in the Engine Control Unit or ECU of the car. This is the keyboard that controls the exact fuelling, injection timing, pressure, and even the maximum speed limit of the car. But since you are customising your car for a greater performance by adding a turbo charger, you might also remap or customise the ECU completely. There are some excellent and latest options available for you like Motec ECU from QuickBitz. They have a supply of this, and all the other essentials required to make your car run better, smoother, and faster.

Apart from these, you can even think of installing cold air feed to your engine which automatically reduces the vehicle’s heat and makes speeding a cakewalk (not to mention a zooming drive). You can even check if the exhaust is blocked or damaged which might be causing hindrances in the better performance of the car. (It is always wise to replace these if required.) After trying all the steps, do let us know if your turbocharged car is doing better or not! We bet it would!

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