A boost controller is an essential add-on for a turbocharged engine. While it's easy to make more power by throwing in turbos and increasing the amount of airflow, the performance gains are often restricted to engine's mechanical potential. Should you try to exceed the maximum potential, the motor may tear itself apart.

When the goal is to get maximum power output from within the mechanical limits of the stock motor, boost controllers fit the bill.

Quick Bitz provides electronic boost controllers for modern turbocharged engines, as well as simple, mechanical controllers for turbos with wastegate. With the complete installation kit available under one roof, at one price, you don't really have to squander or wander to improve your vehicle's performance.

Race-car mods and Quick Bitz go back a long way. We have been supplying for years the time-tested quality aftermarket parts that don't blow up on the drag strip. And we cater to car owners who are serious about maxing out the potential of their stock vehicle.

Choose from our range of mechanical and electronic boost controllers. Australia-wide shipping available and all money transactions are encrypted.
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