A boost controller is an essential add-on for a turbocharged engine. While it's easy to make more power by throwing in turbos and increasing the amount of airflow, the performance gains are often restricted to the engine's mechanical potential. Should you try to exceed the maximum potential, the motor may tear itself apart.

When the goal is to get maximum power output from within the mechanical limits of the stock motor, boost controllers fit the bill.

Shop Electronic Boost Controllers at Quickbitz

Quick Bitz provides electronic boost controllers for modern turbocharged engines, as well as simple, mechanical controllers for turbos with wastegate. With the complete installation kit available under one roof, at one price, you don't really have to squander or wander to improve your vehicle's performance.

Quick Bitz has a long-standing legacy in race-car mods. We have been supplying for years the time-tested quality aftermarket parts that perform well on the drag strip. And we cater to car owners who are serious about maxing out the potential of their stock vehicle.

Choose from our range of mechanical and electronic boost controllers. Australia-wide shipping available and all money transactions are encrypted.

What problem does a boost controller solve?

Now you don’t want to get into the technicalities, but here’s everything put simply for you. A boost controller balances the demand for power with the reality of a turbocharger’s functionality. A majority of turbocharged/supercharged vehicles are fraught with ‘turbo lag’, which happens as a result of wastegate opening sooner than required. This is not something you will want, especially when you are going all the way down on the gas pedal. A boost controller compensates for the turbo lag and gives you uniform throttle response across the low, mid and top-end.

Boost Controllers for every model and make

As long as your car is turbocharged or supercharged, a boost controller can be installed in your vehicle’s intake to regulate the amount of air going into the cylinders. This will give you control over the power that your vehicle produces. QuickBitz offers a Turbosmart manual boost controller at the best price. You can shop online and rest assured that your part will be delivered to you anywhere in Australia.

Installation and Tuning Assistance

QuickBitz is more than just an online auto store. We have a brick and mortar workshop where we create race monsters for the drag strip. We specialise in installing turbo parts on compatible vehicles and making sure the air-fuel mixture is accurate to the T.

For cars that misfire or accelerate slowly, we can provide professional diagnosis using advanced tools to help you identify the root cause of the problem. Visit us today for dyno tuning and tune-ups.

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