6 tips to make the most of your car's engine

6 tips to make the most of your car's engine

Several car owners prioritise their vehicle above everything else that they own, making them adopt newer techniques with changing times.

Since a car's engine plays a crucial role in driving the vehicle, focusing on its well-being and maintenance should always be a top priority. That said, we bring a list for our fellow car owners and enthusiasts that will help them keep a check on the condition of their engine and even maximise its efficiency with ease. Take a look. 

  • Increasing compression

  • One of the most fruitful ways to increase power in your vehicle is by increasing compression.

    However, do remember that cam selection and compression work together, making it all the more important to make a pick which ensures efficiency without damaging the engine. Before you decide on your own, consult an expert who specialises in the matter and has experience with other aspects as well such as electronic boost controller. 

  • Cold air intake

  • Colder air facilitates the presence of an increased number of air molecules, which, when mixed with fuel, burns and creates enhanced power in any vehicle. 

    For that reason, the cold air intake is the right choice for your vehicle. It collects cold air from outside the car and increases the power in your engine. The special filters allow a larger amount of air to enter as compared to the car's parts. 

  • Synthetic lubricant

  • Keeping your engine lubricated is essential to ensure it's efficient working. That said, make sure you use the right kind of synthetic lubricant for your vehicle. 

    High-quality synthetic lubricants withstand high stress and heat without breaking down, thus helping in keeping the friction as low as possible. Lo lubricant can damage several parts and if due to one such reason you need a fuel pump, buy Bosch 044 Fuel Pump for enhancing engine efficiency.

  • Changing the oil and air filter

  • If your engine oil and air filter aren't changed timely, they will start filtering in impurities which will eventually interfere with the working of the engine.

    Reduced oil levels will damage the parts inside the engine, and a damaged air filter will result in reduced oxygen levels. That said, use your vehicle's manual as your guiding light to keep a check and get the filters and oil changed timely. 

  • Fuel injection

  • A dyno tuner will serve your purpose well by adjusting the fuel curves. 

    If you are planning to install a larger throttle body, then you must remember that it will need high-flow fuel injectors to work efficiently and deliver desired results. Do a little homework to learn more about what will suit your vehicle. 

  • High-performance exhaust system

  • A high-performing exhaust system can work wonders for your vehicle's engine. 

    The system will allow the car to easily and quickly exhale carbon monoxide and inhale oxygen which is crucial for the production of more carbon monoxide. 

    Treat your vehicle with love and give it the servicing it needs to perform at the best of its potential. Bookmark this article for future reference. 

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