Everything You Need To Know About Internal And External Fuel Pumps

Everything You Need To Know About Internal And External Fuel Pumps

Whether to use internal pumps or external; that’s the question. 

When shopping for fuel pumps, customers often feel confused, even when they keep in mind their needs and budget considerations. But the question depends less on where the pumps are, and more on what they are used for. 

Even though most vehicles benefit from internal pumps, the applications of external pumps are wide. The latter is used for vehicles that require higher horsepower. In fact, some external pumps like the Bosch 044 fuel pump can be built for all models, especially to keep up with the increased demand of the turbocharged engine.

In this blog, we will help vehicle owners understand fully about the two types of fuel pumps.

Cost Comparison 

The cost will mostly depend on your need and application of the pump. Moreover, the design of the fuel cell, the filters, the pump design will also determine the pump’s cost. 

For some models, it will be cheaper to build an external pump while for others, you will have to opt for low-cost internal fuel systems. That said, you should always consider your use case scenario before making the decision.


Stating the obvious, external fuel pumps are more reliable and serviceable than the internal ones. But since the application matters more than the location of the pump, it’s important to consider that the internal pumps can also function efficiently as long as they are customised according to the engine. 

Earlier, the installation of internal fuel pumps used to be difficult. Since the entire fuel system had to be taken out during the process, the work was mostly handled by professionals, whether pump manufacturers or service centre mechanics. But, in recent times, more and more manufacturers are offering reliable pumps designed to be installed in tanks and fuel cells. Because of this, the cost has reduced to a level that the total cost of an internal system is typically lower than an external one.

Final Words

External fuel pumps have wider applications and better real-world performance. That said, when choosing a fuel pump for your vehicle, make sure your fuel pressure regulator is working properly; otherwise, the fuel rail will not be able to build up enough pressure to support the injectors with a sufficient amount of fuel.

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