Why is dyno tuning important? Does your car need it?

Why is dyno tuning important? Does your car need it?

With technological advancements, modern vehicles are becoming less mechanical and more electronically driven. While this transition was essential to ensure compliance with stringent emission norms, it had some car owners and mechanics worried at the beginning.

However, with convenient access to dyno tuning in Melbourne, you can have your car issues addressed and fixed without having to wonder what went wrong.

What kind of issues, you might ask. If you are experiencing inadequate throttle response, poor gas mileage, RPM surging and other performance-related issues, dyno tune-up can help.

Does your car need dyno tuning?

Every modern car on this planet needs dyno tuning at some point, especially after you throw in a couple of performance parts. It’s a test performed with the engine running at different RPMs to measure engine output and air-fuel mixture. Based on the readings, these parameters can be adjusted to optimum engine performance.

Even if you are driving a stock car, occasional dyno tuning can ensure a smoother and cost-effective ride.

Why is dyno tuning necessary?

If you are driving an off-tune vehicle, you are compromising power and gas mileage, which not only spoils your driving experience but also costs you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Also, an off-tune engine dies sooner than an engine that is performing at its peak efficiency.

Quick Bitz offers dyno tuning for all models and makes. With a state-of-the-art dynamometer, we provide our customers with a detailed test sheet that outlines problematic areas and indicates what needs to be fixed.

If you have recently installed an electronic boost controller or planning to have one in the future, make sure to put your car on the dyno after installation. The electronic boost controller provides a slight boost in acceleration. However, with the dyno tune-up, you can max out its potential.

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