One Place For All Your Engine and Fuel System Needs

One Place For All Your Engine and Fuel System Needs

Fuel systems and engines are two car components that are most vulnerable to damage. Yet, when treated with care, the two parts can boost your car's performance. As such, both the fuel system and engine need regular maintenance. With experience and knowledge in our belt, we know how to care for your car and its various components. 

Protect Your Car's Fuel System and Engine

The fuel pressure regulator is a car component that is vital in the fuel system that controls the pressure and fuel flow. However, over time, with regular use, they tend to wear out. Any malfunction with the regulators can cause a flooded engine. One of the biggest indicators of this trouble is when the engine struggles to start or misfires. 

If you find your engine performance poor, spark plugs black, black smoke from the tailpipe, or dripping fuel, we suggest you get your pressure regulator checked. When you entrust your car to us, we make sure to run a thorough diagnostic test, covering vacuum lines. The faulty regulators are replaced and the vehicle test-driven to confirm its proper operation. 

Boost Your Engine a Boost With Dyno Tuning

With regular use, your car engine may lose its power and mileage, and you may face issues like surging and pinging. If selling the car is not an option and you want to revive the engine's former glory, dyno tuning is the way to go. 

Dyno tuning refers to checking the engine output, including the horsepower, to adjust the air-fuel and timing. Doing so enhances engine performance and extends engine life. With our experience in dyno tuning Melbourne cars, we know how best to resolve your engine troubles and restores its proper functioning. 

After the process, we run several tests, including speeds and load conditions. Once we find your car performs optimally, we then explain the tuning specifications to you along with a comprehensive test sheet. 

Are you having engine or fuel system troubles? Want to enhance your engine performance? Reach out to us to know how we can help fine-tune your car components.

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