The Top 7 Car Maintenance and Upgradation Tips for New Owners!

Ready to hit the road with your new beast? The excitement would be on the rocks! It’s actually a great feeling to compete with the wind while you show your skills behind the steering. And if it’s your new and first car, the excitement doubles. We assume that you have learnt everything about driving and even about the vehicle that you bought. But do you know the important tips to maintain and upgrade your vehicle so that it gives you better performance and lives longer? If not, then let us guide you.

The important maintenance and upgrades that your new car requires!

 Normally, whenever you get a new car, you don’t even remove your seat covers so that the upholstery doesn’t get damaged and dirty. And you even tend to put the car cover on when it’s not in use. And how can we forget the precautions you take while driving so that you don’t bump and get dents and scratches on your vehicle! But though these steps are very essential, these aren’t enough to care for your car and provide it a longer life. There’s more to it and we have listed all those important maintenance and upgradation tips below:

  1. Replace or repair your wiper blades regularly — No matter if the rains have started or not, your car’s windshield requires regular cleaning with the help of wipers. These wipers are made up of rubber that eventually wear off even if you aren't using them regularly. And even your windshield gets impacted if these aren’t clean. So, you have to use the wipers regularly to keep the car maintained. But eventually after a year or two, your wipers tend to get damaged and need a serious repair or total replacement.
  2. Keep changing your oil frequently — Whether it is your brake oil or the engine oil, it tends to get diluted with air, moisture, and even debris when it stays in your vehicle. This diluted oil eventually impacts your fuel pump, the air filters in your car, and even your engine. You can see the negative effect of this on the movement of your vehicle. So, if you want to keep your car regularly maintained, keep changing the oil very frequently.
  3. Rotate and check your tyres occasionally— Can you imagine a proper working vehicle without the perfect tyres? Obviously, this is not possible.You have to pay a lot of attention to your tyres and that too very frequently when you have your new car. Whether it is during your drive or before or after the same, keep rotating the same to check if these are working properly. Keep an eye on the right alignment of the wheels and even check the pressure in the tyres each time you go to the gas station to fill up your tank.
  4. Replace your battery timely —Never ever take your car batteries lightly. A dead battery can leave you stranded amidst nowhere at a weird hour. So, be sure to keep them charged regularly. And when required, replace them with a new one.
  5. Lubricate your brakes and keep them updated — Lubricating your brakes means oiling them frequently so that the brakes are easy to use. And most of these brakes have ceramic pads under them which are prone to easy wear after sometime. Keep in mind to update these brake pads so that your car is safe.
  6. Replace your air filter when required –Your air filter ensures that there is no debris entering your car’s engine. The air filter with mechanical fuel pump ejects the dirt from the engine and lets the vehicle run swiftly. But these filters do wear out after every 20,000 miles. So, replacing these when this time arrives is an important step for your car’s maintenance.
  7. Go for dyno tuning for better performance of the car — Since your car is new, it would give you good performance. But if you are looking for a totally zealous experience of driving, opt for dyno tuning in Melbourne from QuickBitz. They provide you the best service for dyno tuning your car and it improves your driving experience in a very powerful way.
 If you are following all these steps of maintenance and upgradation of your car, it’s bound to give you an amazing driving experience and even gives your vehicle a longer life.

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