Visiting a Gas Station More Often? Know the Reasons for it!

You visit a gas station often, and spend a lot of money refilling the car. But don’t you often wonder why this is happening? Your trips to the gas station seem to be more frequent these days? This is obviously a matter of concern. Well, it’s not normal, of course. And you’ll have to find the reasons behind that fuel inefficiency.

The most common yet serious reasons for reduced fuel efficiency in your car.

Do you know that the primary symptom of a car having issues or wearing out soon is lack of fuel efficiency? Well, you are recently reading this sign in your car. Aren’t you concerned about the reasons for the same?

Improper tyre pressure — The very common reason because of which your fuel efficiency may reduce is improper tyre pressure. If the tyre isn’t properly inflated or the tyre pressure is less, then the vehicle would definitely ask for more fuel. Get your tyres checked regularly to make your fuel last longer.

The fuel pump isn’t working properly — If your fuel pump is showing frequent issues or isn’t maintained properly, the vehicle eats up more gas than required. You’ll have to maintain and keep the fuel pump clean along with cleaning its filters occasionally. Otherwise, the pump doesn’t send the fuel accurately in the car’s engine -- and in the end, you’ll have to invest more in gas refilling. Or if the fuel pump is too damaged, replace it with Bosch 044 fuel pump and see the difference in your car’s fuel efficiency.

The fuel pressure regulator is worn out — The very common sign of your fuel pressure regulator giving away is lack of fuel efficiency. Well, this is what’s happening with your fuel as well. So, opt for checking this part of your car and if it’s too old, get a new fuel pressure regulator from QuickBitz. They’ll provide you the suitable regulator for your car and even other essential engine parts that you may require for your vehicle to run smoothly.

Spark plugs are at fault — Your spark plugs lead to the much-needed combustion in the engine. And if they are misfiring, the combustion process halts, causing lots of stress in your engine. Well, the result is lack of fuel efficiency in the car.

Irresponsible driving habits — Irresponsible driving habits mean lots of acceleration and frequent use of brakes. Well, your car obviously wants a lot of fuel for these frequent whims of yours.

Low quality of motor oil — If you are using low quality of motor oil or fuel for your car, obviously it will finish off soon and you’ll require double the amount of fuel to run your vehicle. Always use quality fuel and fill up from reputed gas stations. Now that you have read all the reasons that might eat up lots of fuel, we are sure you will take the necessary steps for fuel economy. Obviously, it isn’t smart to pay double the amount of money in frequent refilling of fuel when you can save almost a fortune by following the above listed steps.

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