The Need and Tips to Clean Your Fuel Pressure Regulator!

A perfectly working car engine is always dependent on two things – one, proper lubricant -- and the second is the right fuel pressure regulator. A fuel pressure regulator is a very essential part of your vehicle -- because without it, the right speed and amount of your fuel isn't passing throughout the engine. When this process is not proper, how can you expect your vehicle to run properly? But often we see that car owners ignore the use of maintaining and cleaning the fuel pressure regulator. Most of the time you don't even glance at this part of your vehicle unless it starts showing issues and it's finally time to replace it with a new one.

 Ø  Why and how can you clean the fuel pressure regulator?

 When we talk about the important parts of your car like the electronic boost controller or the fuel pressure regulator, the need for cleaning and maintaining them regularly is crucial. Otherwise you’ll see that your car makes weird noises and halts abruptly amidst the journey. Even the engine refuses to start and there can be lots of black smoke visible when you are driving the car. All these issues are a result of an ill maintained and dirty fuel pressure regulator.

 o   Disconnect the battery cable — The first step to clean the fuel pressure regulator is to dismantle its various parts. So, start with disconnecting the negative battery cable of the regulator. Now, you can relieve the pressure on the vehicle’s fuel system. The next step is to remove the manifold assembly, (the upper manifold) and then disconnect the vacuum line.

 o   Remove the retaining bracket — Now remove the retaining bracket and screw and start with the next step of dismantling the regulator.

 o   Remove the O- ring from the regulator—Now the next step is to remove the O ring from the regulator. Just take a piece of cloth for coverage so that fuel spillage isn’t much. Now, pull the regulator from the fuel rail.

 o   The cleaning process — Now when you have finally dismantled all the parts, you can start cleaning the regulator. Just take a piece of cloth and wipe it thoroughly. No need to use water or any other cleaning agent in this procedure. (You mostly get only dust stuck in this part and it can easily be cleaned using a dry cloth and wiping thoroughly.)

 o   Reattach the parts — With this, your fuel pressure regulator is finally clean and ready to go back to its job.  Just reattach everything back to its place. Do keep in mind to follow the exact procedure you did while detaching the parts.

 Now when your fuel pressure regulator is clean, do understand the fact that any problem your car shows now won’t be at least because of your dirty fuel pressure regulator. Yes, if you would have attached it wrongly or the regulator has totally given away, then the problems may arise. But in those cases, you’ll have to approach a professional for help immediately.

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