Exploring the Best Car Upgrades To Boost The Performance Of Your Car

Although newer car models now offer almost everything that a car lover craves, there is always scope for improvement.  In a bid to make their car better, every car enthusiast is on the lookout for additional components that can boost the functioning of their car and maximize performance.

If you wish for a car that smoothly maneuvers on the road, we have suggested some of the best car updates that can boost car performance by leaps and bounds. Take a look:


Updating the brakes improves the performance of a car by manifolds.
The pads feature slots that efface gas build-up and grit facilitating the contact between pads and the rotor. The holes, on the other hand, ensure better heat dissipation and lightness. The street pads offer a robust pedal feel and stable performance.  

Update the rotors, shims, and pads to get a power-packed ride.

Wide Tires

Wider tires and wheels offer an excellent driving experience with enhanced road-holding. Wider tires translate to reduced sidewall height and increased wheel diameter. All these factors offer turn-in precision and better braking. A better grip on the road also means a safer and smoother ride altogether.

One downfall of having wider tires is that the extra weight of the tires can hamper the shock damping and springs reducing loose-surface tracking stability.

Cold-air Intake

In the majority of cars, air intakes keep the engines clean and facilitate engine breathing with ample airflow, this leads to better car performance.

Replacing the restrictive factory intake system with a cold air intake keeps the engine cool by pulling cooler air into the engine. With a higher velocity of dense outer air reaching the engine, the engine delivers more horsepower. So, at higher speeds, your engine operates very smoothly.

Stainless-Steel Braided Brake Lines

Stainless-steel braided brake lines facilitate the transfer of pressure that you put on the pedal to the brake caliper. As a result, you get a quick brake response. Moreover, with these brake lines, you won’t have to worry about ruptured lines. These factors make stainless steel lines much better than rubber brake lines.

Although expensive, you will never regret this upgrade.

Engine Control Unit Flash (ECU)
The ECU or Engine Control Unit is responsible for controlling the fuel-air mixture in the car’s engine. This enhances the power, efficiency, and overall performance of your car. Majority of car manufacturers don’t offer a built-in ECU that truly complements the capability of the engine. By remapping or upgrading the Engine Control Unit, you can boost the engine’s performance.

The Bottom Line

Car modification is a passion shared by many car enthusiasts. If you too love to modify your car to augment its performance on the road, try these car upgrades. You will easily find car upgrade kits on websites like partsgeek.com, along with other parts like the mechanical fuel pump and electronic boost controller at a very reasonable rate.
So, what are you waiting for? If you want your car to deliver a laudable performance on the road, try these top of the class car upgrades and enjoy a thrilling ride.

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