10mm Insulated Surface Mount Kit (Black) Negative. 

STAAT Surface Mount Terminal Posts are light weight, rigidly constructed with a design based around race applications.  They have been developed for easy access to remote mounted power supplies, and can be utilised in race car applications, as well as recreational vehicles and general auto enthusiast use.

A range of both Positive and Negative (Red and Black) units are available for standard surface mount installations in addition to through wall applications such as bulkheads or firewalls.

All items are assembled using a combination of high quality and light weight titanium and aluminium components, with insulated bodies made from glass fibre reinforced nylon having high temperature and structural properties.

Each STAAT Terminal Post assembly is also provided with a PVC protective cap for fitment over the Jump nuts.  This provides a further level of electrical insulation against accidental contact with battery potential.  The PVC material is soft and pliable to firmly grip the jump nuts and not work loose.  The cap may also be modified and notched out to clear cable lug penetration points.

Instructions are included with every purchase 

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