Reverse Rotation 7375 1200HP 79mm Twin Turbo Set

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A Pair Of 7375 1200HP Turbos (One Reverse, One Normal Rotation)

  • Dual ceramic ball bearing system provides optimal turbo response &
    better durability by reducing the shaft-motion
  • 10 Blade PTG-Aero billet compressor wheel with extended tapered tip technology
  • 9 Blade PTG-Aero Inconel 713c turbine wheel
  • Anti-Surge ported-shroud compressor inlet, cover integrated with the speed sensor port
    • Compressor Wheel: 73*91mm
    • Turbine Wheel: 82*75mm
    • Compressor Inlet: 5″ Hose
    • Compressor Outlet: 3″ V-Band
    • Turbine Inlet: 3″ V-Band
    • Turbine Outlet: 3.5″ V-Band
    • Water Ports: -6AN
    • Oil Feed: Flange Required(Recommended size: -4AN Std T4 Flange Non-Restricted)
    • Oil Drain: -12AN(O-Ring sealed Flange Kit Incl’)

    dual v-band 1.01A/R and 1.15A/R housings are with an open style inlet(default flange in the box is 3.5″)(4″ outlet flange in the box)

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