Designed to drive up to eight low-impedance CDI coils, the CDI-8 effectively combines an 8 channel ignition expander with an 8 channel CDI module in one compact unit. The circuitry can reliably deliver 450 volt primary voltage at 15 000 RPM (or at 30 000 RPM for 4 cylinders). The output stages deliver up to 200 A into the CDI coil primary.

CDI rotary, single channel, twin channel, four channel, Porsche replacement

These units are designed for single and dual coil CDI applications using conventional distributed spark, or for rotary applications. More than 100 millijoules of energy is available per spark. The hardware is produced to operate reliably in this kind of condition in a racing environment.

Important note:

Newer versions of the single, dual and four channel CDIs are not direct plug-in replacements for the earlier versions; some wiring changes are required. Refer to the relevant datasheets or contact us for more information. See superseded CDI modules.


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  • ADL2 Upgrade
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