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The Advanced Central Logger (ACL) is a highly configurable data acquisition and communications tool that is well suited to professional teams who place serious demands on their data equipment. With 1 GB of logging memory it forms the heart of MoTeC's Central Logging System, which also includes multiple SVIMs Synchronous Versatile Input Modules for high resolution sensor inputs.

The ACL performs data logging, data communication and sophisticated calculations, acquiring data from other MoTeC devices such as an ECU, Dash Logger and up to eight SVIMs, which enable it to log more than 200 inputs. It provides all the advanced features of MoTeC Display Loggers, including warning alarms, fuel prediction, engine logs, timers, tables, user conditions and telemetry. For maximum flexibility the ACL connects to any MoTeC display.

MoTeC’s Central Logging System follows a modular concept, employing separate dedicated devices for inputs, and logging, thereby allowing customers to tailor a solution to their application. The system is simple to set up as most connected devices are configured and upgraded from one software application.

The ACL comes as standard with Pro Analysis enabled, allowing unrestricted use of MoTeC’s professional level i2 Pro data analysis software.


Motec | 18105 | Data Acquistion & Display


  • 1 GB logging memory
  • Very fast download via Ethernet
  • Very fast logging rates up to 5000 samples/second
  • Combined logging rates greater than 20 MB/minute


  • ACL data can be displayed via any MoTeC display .


  • Data is read into the ACL via one or more input devices. These can include SVIMs, E888, E816, SDL, LTCs, PLM, ECU and GPS


  • Outputs can be controlled by the ACL when connected to an output device such as an E888, E816 or SDL


  • 2 x CAN with individually programmable CAN bus speeds
  • 1 x RS232
  • 1 x RS485 which can also read data from RS232 devices


  • Dimensions 154 x 128 x 28 mm (excluding connector)
  • Weight 460 grams
  • 1 x 5 pin and 1 x 22 pin Autosport connector

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