Jump Nut Kit - 600009

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The STAAT jump nuts (Kits) are for clamping and securing cable lugs to the M10 stud posts, and have been designed to incorporate secure clamping grooves for many standard jumper cables.  

Jumper cables for jump starting and/or temporary clamps used for remote charging of batteries can be conveniently attached either horizontally or vertically (depending on accessibility and clearances) as required.  

Note that temporary clamps for jump starting or charging should be removed prior to vehicles being driven.

Each STAAT Jump Nut Kit is also provided with a new set of PVC protective caps for fitment over the Jump nuts.  

This provides a further level of electrical insulation against accidental contact with battery potential.  

The PVC material is soft and pliable to firmly grip the jump nuts and not work loose.  

The cap may also be modified and notched out to clear cable lug penetration points.

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