GFB STi 6 speed short shifter (MY02-on) - basic kit

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GFB STi 6 speed short shifter (MY02-on) - basic kit

Short Shift Kit- 6 Speed

STi 6-Speed Short Shift – Basic Kit

New from GFB is the STi 6-speed Short Shift Basic Kit (part # 4003), which has been designed as an infinitely more affordable alternative to STi’s own aftermarket shifter.

It is derived from the popular and unique GFB STi short shifter (part # 4002), which consists of two main parts; the gear lever and the linkage clamp, which work together to allow shift-throw adjustment over the largest range of any shifter on the market.

The new Basic kit utilizes the adjustable gear lever from the 4002 kit, without the linkage clamp.  This means the Basic kit allows shift throw adjustment, but over a smaller range. Importantly however, it is easily upgraded to the 4002 kit with the addition of the linkage clamp.


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