• As used on the Motor Magazine Tuner Challenge class winning FG Falcon


  • 2013 Series premium Plazmaman tube and fin core designed using data and knowledge gained from week in, week out racing 


  • This is designed to enhance factory to 400rwkW (530hp+) rwkW Falcons that require crisp throttle response and temperature control day in, day out, whilst keeping in mind the fact that air flow is required to the radiator on hot days. We tackled this problem by utilising a 3 inch core intercooler that only weighs 7kg


  • Appeal, ease of fit, engine temperature control and reliability, lightweight, flow and value for money


  • Included in the price of this unit is the supply a special bracket and supports designed to make the fitting of this IC easy, with no major cutting required


  • Fully compatible with previous purchases of our FG OEM replacement piping kits
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