EVO X Pro Series Intercooler Kit 500x300x76 63mm out

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EVO X Pro Series Intercooler Kit 500x300x76 63mm out

Evo 10 Pro Series Intercooler Kit - Plazmaman.com

This intercooler kit features a high-tech Plazmaman tube and fin intercooler core, with special offset internal and external fins designed for the crossflow core of the EVO 10. The core size is 500mm x 300mm x 76mm, weighs only 6.5kgs, and has the capability of flowing up to 900hp. The piping kit consists of a cast turbo outlet pipe, and a complete CNC mandrel bent system all the way to the throttle body. Hard piping allows for greater air flow, and it’s aluminium construction won’t collapse or flex under boost like a factory rubber constructed hose. The best feature of this kit is it requires no cutting whatsoever to fit, and retains factory mounting points.

The Intercooler & piping is available in raw, polished or stealth black finish. Silicone hoses are available in blue or black.


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