D40 2.5 Navara tube fin intercooler kit

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Here at Plazmaman we design and build intercooler kits with no comprimises. The same can be said about the Navara D22 kit.


> We have released the Plazmaman D22 Performance Intercooler kit with a TUBE and FIN high performance core. The Tube and Fin core has much better flow and lower pressure drop than any bar and plate core on the market ( Bar and plate cores are cheap import cores) . Not only does the Tube and fin perform better, it is also much lighter in weight and has better air flow characteristics through the core to aid in better engine radiator cooling. The Plazmaman tube fin cores are very tough and rigid in construction - these will withstand rugged driving conditions and rock/ tree punctures. Nearly 100% of high performance vehicles and OEM released vehicles these days use a tube and fin cores - the manufacturers wont get it wrong.


> The kit is supplied with all necessary parts including a high performance 76mm (3 inch)  thickness IC core, CNC aluminium mandrel bent piping and premium high temperature silicone hoses. All hoses clamps are the USA BREEZE brand and have lifetime warranty on seal.


> All parts are powdercoated in a stealth Black for durability and the OEM looking appearance factor.


> This can be fitted by the majority of mechanically minded people. It comes supplied with an complete instruction manual with photos to assist in installation. We here at plazmaman are available virtually 24/7 if needed to assist with anything.


> Kit will fit the majority of OEM bull bars and all aftermarket versions. If your not sure email/call us.  You must specify your bull bar upon ordering. 


> We can freight direct from our factory to your door in any part of Australia or the world. Any more questions please dont hesiate to call us direct.

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