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600005 Terminal Post - 10mm Insulated Through Wall Kit (Black)


STAAT Electrical Terminal Posts are light weight, rigidly constructed with a design based around race applications.  They have been developed for easy access to remote mounted power supplies, and can be utilised in race car applications, as well as recreational vehicles and general auto enthusiast use.

A range of both Positive and Negative (Red and Black) units are available for through wall applications such as bulkheads or firewalls.

All items are assembled using a combination of high quality and light weight titanium and aluminium components, with insulated bodies made from glass fibre reinforced nylon having high temperature and structural properties.

The STAAT jump nuts that are provided for clamping and securing cable lugs, have been designed to incorporate secure clamping grooves for many standard jumper cables.  Jumper cables for jump starting and/or temporary clamps used for remote charging of batteries can be conveniently attached either horizontally or vertically (depending on accessibility and clearances) as required.  Note that temporary clamps for jump starting or charging should be removed prior to vehicles being driven.

A neoprene gasket has been incorporated into the base design for further insulation and sealing against fluids and moisture.  The gasket is provided for installation to the base of the through wall kits.  Through wall kits are also supplied with a silicone insulation sleeve that fits around the electrical conducting post for further insulation from the clearance hole provided in the bulkhead or firewall that the unit is fitted to.

Each STAAT Terminal Post assembly is also provided with a PVC protective cap for fitment over the Jump nuts.  This provides a further level of electrical insulation against accidental contact with battery potential.  The PVC material is soft and pliable to firmly grip the jump nuts and not work loose.  The cap may also be modified and notched out to clear cable lug penetration points.

The STAAT lightweight aluminium through wall terminal post studs are able to be used with DC voltages of up to 48V, with a current carrying capacity of a continuous 140 amps.  The optional high capacity copper studs are able to carry a continuous current of 200 amps.

STAAT aluminium jump nuts that have been tightened in accordance with the installation instructions, have resulted in successful repeated use without failure through in house testing.  The advised tightening torque of 10Nm for the first jump nut will provide an approximate clamping force of 500kg for the cable lug(s).  The second jump nut is provided to lock the assembly against loosening caused by vibration.  This second jump nut arrangement has been chosen to allow repeated removal and installation of electrical cable lug(s) without damage to the nuts or cable lugs.  Alternative locking methods utilizing star washers, lock washers or similar, will cause damage to the mating parts.  Please do not add any lock washers to the assembly as they are not required.

STAAT products have undergone various load and heat tests that will ensure their robustness in many applications.  When mounted according to the recommended installation instructions, the Through Wall units with Aluminium M10 conductor posts (incorporating Titanium mounting hardware) have been subjected to 1000N1 (100kg1) load tests, applied to the electrical post, without failure of any component.  Heat tests have also been carried out on our Electrical Post assemblies with confirmed capabilities of withstanding 100C from radiant heat sources.  This temperature would normally be in excess of typical engine compartment temperatures.  Load testing at this elevated temperature has also been carried out without any component failure.

1Actual test loads exceed the values indicated.

Instructions are included with every purchase 

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