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The STAAT Twin surface mount with Bridge bar kit can be used in 4WD, Caravan, marine, race car & 4WD vehicles.  Each kit includes two lightweight aluminium junction surface blocks, fitten hexagon jump nuts, PVC protective caps and our high capacity copper bridge bar which as been engineered for multiple cabel lug take off points. 

Bridge bars are provided with a combination of 8mm and 10mm mounting holes for standard lug fitting and can carry a continuous current of 200 amps ( total ) 

The STAAT jump nuts (Kits) are for clamping and securing cable lugs to the M10 stud posts, and have been designed to incorporate secure clamping grooves for many standard jumper cables.     

High capacity copper bridge bar replacements are available for power bank supplies.  

These aluminium studs can be used with DC voltages of up to 48V, with a current carrying capacity of a continuous 140 amps.  

The optional high capacity copper stud kit is also provided with a factory fitted hexagonal nut of the correct size, and is able to carry a continuous current of 200 amps.

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