Elite 550

So what we have here is the all new Haltech Elite 550 ECU, now immediately what you will notice is the size of the unit. The Elite 550 utilizes the same compact enclosure as the elite 750 unit. Its water, dust and oil resistant and carries a single 34 pin AMP connector.

So lets talk about the feature set of the Elite 550, what you get is 

  • 4 Injector Drivers
  • 4 Ignition Drivers
  • 5 Programmable Outputs
  • 2 Analog Voltage Inputs
  • 1 Digital Pulsed Input

Of coarse it includes critical engine sensor inputs like

  • Air Temperature
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Throttle Position
  • Manifold Pressure
  • Crank & Cam Sensor

Each of the 4 Injector outputs are fully programmable Peak & Hold Injector Drivers capable of running up to 8 AMPS Peak and 2 AMPS Hold Current.

It is important to note here however that unused fuel and ignition outputs cannot be resigned as digital outputs on the Elite 550 ECU, if this is a feature that you think you may require then we suggest you take a look at the elite 750, 1000, 1500, 2000 or 2500 ECU.

As with the entire range of Elite ECU's the true beauty of the 550 is not so much whats in the enclosure but the programming software it runs on. The Elite 550 ECU runs on the same ESP Software as its bigger brothers and what makes the ESP software so unique is its flexibility, and by flexibility what i mean is that each and every map in the Elite 550 has fully definable and flexible axis setup.

So if you want to setup a correction on your boost control table based on wheel speed - you can do this.

Or if you want to setup an individual cylinder trim map based on both boost and exhaust gas temperature - you can do this.

Or maybe you don't want anything near as complex and you just want to trim in some more fuel in cylinder 4 because you know that it always runs hot - you can do this too.

So you have the ability to make your own custom map setup and it can be as simple or as complex as you like.

The Elite 550 ECU is the perfect entry level ECU for anyone looking to do a simple engine conversion or if your using an older engine type - now we say older engine type because the Elite 550 does not have the capability to run some of the modern engine control electronics such as Drive By Wire Throttle, Knock Control or Variable Cam Timing.

Some of the other more advanced features that the Elite 550 misses out on are things like Anti-Lag Launch control, Flex Fuel Input, Nitrous Control and On board Data Logging. If these are particular features that you are looking to run on your engine control package then we would suggest that you take a look at some of the higher spec ECU packages available.

If your looking for an entry level, fully programmable engine control solution without all the bells and whistles and complexity of a more complex unit then the Elite 550 ECU may be just the solution you are looking for.

If you have any other questions about the Elite 550 or any other ECU in this range please don't hesitate to give us a call on the phone or send us a email or hit us up on Facebook..

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