Bosch 1150cc 3/4 Length Injector - Flow Matched

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Bosch 1150cc 3/4 Length Injector

A great injector which is compatible with E85 this Bosch EV14 injector represents great value for money, with excellent linear control throughout the whole injection range.

Sold as data matched sets - every set of 1150's you purchase from us will be flow matched from Bosch within 2%. Do not risk buying from vendors that give you mixed batches.

Suitable for a whole range on vehicles - and also available in a short version with the extended nose.

Flow: 1150cc/min @ 4 bar

Connector: Bosch

Impedance: High

O Ring Size: 14mm

Length: 3/4


Note: Injectors supplied are packaged and branded by Raceworks please do not let this confuse you as they are still 100% genuine unmodified Bosch injectors. 

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