CDL3 - CLUB DASH LOGGER BACKLIT (Enabled + I/O and Logging Incl)

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CDL3 - CLUB DASH LOGGER BACKLIT (Enabled + I/O and Logging Incl)


Motec | 18022 | Data Acquisition & Display


  • All-in-one display, logger and controller eliminates the need for separate devices
  • Suitable for bikes, cars, marine and industrial applications
  • Compact, durable and reliable
  • Supports Wideband Lambda from MoTeC PLMs or LTCs, using Bosch LSU or NTK UEGO 5 wire sensors
  • Easily integrates with MoTeC CAN-based expanders, GPS, shift lights and ECUs

Logging and Analysis

  • 8 MB internal data logging
  • Fast download via Ethernet
  • Accommodates over 300 channels derived from a mixture of analogue and digital inputs, RS232 and CAN data channels
  • Configurable to use sensors from some existing engine management systems
  • Includes i2 Standard data analysis software (i2 Pro available as an upgrade)


  • Customisable screen layout, measurement units and warnings
  • Configurable curved bar graph can display any channel with optional peak, hold and shift markers
  • 48 user-defined alarms, for example Low Oil Pressure, Low Fuel, Fast Lap
  • Programmable overrides - particularly useful for showing values such as lap times
  • Three programmable 'pages' for Warm-up, Practice and Race ensure the driver is shown only the most relevant information at any given time
  • Adjustable backlight


  • 2 x Configurable CAN or RS232 bus with individually programmable CAN bus speeds
  • 1 x Dedicated RS232


  • Dimensions 180 x 91 x 18 mm excluding connector
  • Weight 385 g
  • 1 x 34 pin AMP connector


  • Provision for 4 x analogue voltage high resolution inputs
  • Provision for 2 x analogue temperature inputs
  • 2 x Digital inputs
  • 3 x Speed inputs with voltage measuring capability
  • Compatible with E888 expander (8 Thermocouples only)


  • 4 x PWM, switched or digital outputs

Internal Sensors

  • 3-axis G sensor
  • Dash temperature sensor
  • Sensor supply voltage
  • Battery voltage

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