Do you think there are no affordable DCCD controllers on the market that you can tune yourself? Well, think again!

MapDCCD has been developed to provide you with an advanced centre differential control system without the price tag associated with some name brands.

  • An affordable DCCD controller that you can easily program yourself
  • An advanced centre differential control system without the price tag associated with some name brands
  • The only DCCD controller that allows you to connect and tune using a plug-and-play USB interface - no serial cables or extra hardware is required
  • Four freely configurable DCCD control maps that can be stored simultaneously
  • Front dial controlled advanced automatic mode (based on the OEM STI auto mode), which provides control of the aggression settings - no mapping required
  • A Manual mode where you can set the DCCD lock via the front dial on interface

MapDCCD allows you to freely chose maps for road, wet track, dry track, autocross, rally, drag racing or fuel economy. Your maps can also be loaded from saved maps on your computer or from our selection of base maps that come bundled with the application. Any of the four loaded maps can be selected on the fly - allowing you to select the most appropriate map for your driving conditions.



  • Free firmware updates with improvements and new features
  • The ability for the controller to act independantly or integrate with an existing DCCD controller that has a manual mode (e.g. the GC8 controller to retain the dashboard display)
  • Live output and mode display on the controller
  • Built in precision 3-axis accelerometer you can use in your maps
  • Data logging output
  • Input for integrating your own external sensors into your control maps
    e.g. gyros, accelerometers, steering wheel angle sensors, an external ecu input, an STI thumbwheel input, separate throttle and braking control maps, a handbrake input, an ABS input ... and more.

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