Safeguards camshaft lifters and valve train components during the initial motor break-in phase. Ideal for flat tappet camshafts in their break-in stage or as a supplement to any motor oil to forestall untimely wear. Features an exclusive combination of extreme pressure additives.


  • Provides protection to camshaft lifters and valve train during the motor's break-in phase.
  • Especially beneficial for flat tappet camshafts during their break-in period or as an enhancement to any motor oil to deter premature wear.
  • Exclusive blend of extreme pressure additives.
  • Introduce one bottle with each oil change to elevate the zinc content in your motor oil.
  • Tailored for race applications necessitating supplementary extreme pressure additives.
  • Dyno testing demonstrates a more efficient break-in, resulting in reduced engine run time before race day.
  • Not intended for use in passenger cars.
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