Haltech IC-7 Standalone Kit

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Haltech IC-7 Standalone Kit

The kit includes a semi-terminated harness that allows the iC-7 to interface directly with sensors and switches in your vehicle to display: 

  • Engine Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • Fuel Pressure 
  • Fuel Level
  • RPM 
  • Road Speed
  • Indicators (Turn Signals) 
  • Park Lights 
  • High Beams 

You can also expand the functionality of the IC-7 stand-alone display with a number of Haltech CAN devices. Haltech Wideband O2 sensors, Thermocouple EGT boxes, and TMS tyre temperature and pressure monitoring devices are all compatible. 

Perfect for old school hot rods, mechanically injected muscle, carbureted classics and everything in between, the Haltech Stand Alone IC-7 “Classic”

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