Bosch Motorsport 1600cc ( 1650 ) 1/2 Length Injector

Flow matched in house here at Quickbitz to Bosch Motorsport conditions you can be sure that the set of injectors you are purchasing will have a flow differential of just 1% or less largest to smallest. Don't pay good money for these injectors elsewhere and risk not having a matched set, each injector we sell comes with its own unique label and serial number which allows us to define and lookup its flow characteristics, All this data is uniquely collected on our injector flow bench for each individual injector.

Each set of injectors sold comes with a flow sheet detailing the individual flow results of each injector and the conditions of the test, so you can be sure the fuel delivery is even across the cylinders.

Dead time data is available upon request which has been populated on a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU through a scale of 8-16v

These stainless steel internal injectors are a step above most, with excellent injector control at low pulse widths idle control is not as issue given their size.

Most people call these the 1650cc injectors - although testing on our flow bench has shown us that these are actually 1600cc injectors.

Flow: 1600cc/min @ 4 bar

Connector: Bosch

Impedance: High

O Ring Size: 14mm

Length: Short ( 1/2 Length )




0 280 158 333

0 280 158 333-01

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