AMS-2000 V2 Boost Controller Pro

The AMS-2000 is laptop programmable and offers the ultimate in tune-ability for your boost curve!!!

10 Control Strategies:

  • Time Based
  • Shift
  • Variable Voltage(Ex. Gear Position Sensor)
  • Engine Rpm
  • TPS
  • Air Fuel
  • Pressure( Ex. Back Pressure)
  • Shaft Rpm ( Turbo Speed, DriveShaft Rpm, Any RPM signal)
  • Air Temp
  • Internal 2 Axis Accelerometer, Lateral and Longitudal Acceleration up to 3 G’s recorded in datalogger
  • 5 Position Selector Switch, 5 tunes tied to this switch for instant map changes without a laptop
Datalogging, 36 items being logged at 100 hz. Everything that would come in a standard Datalogger and more you have here. A few listed below:
  • TPS
  • Engine RPM
  • Air temp
  • Drive shaft rpm, turbo speed or any rpm source
  • MPH
  • Aux Channel sensor input( any pressure source)
  • Pressure(any pressure source)
  • Variable voltage 0-5 volt( pressure, shock, ride height ec)
  • 2 air fuel channels 0-5 volt
  • 2 axis accelerometer 3g
  • Transbrake input/ clutch input
  • Shift input, Scramble and Reduce inputs can be used as event markers
  • 2 auxillary output event markers

Aux Channel can be used for a Second Control Unit to handle alternate pressure control duty. Alternatively it can be used as 2 programmable outputs(shift light etc)with programmable thresholds

We also include; 100psi Sensor, Solenoid Unit, Wire Harness & Instruction Manual!!!



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