Haltech IQ3 Street Display Dash

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The ever popular IQ3 just got street ready, and a whole lot EFI friendlier. With more channels integrated aftermarket CAN and OBD2 connectivity, street car display functions and flexible sensor inputs.

The IQ Street is now one of the most simple and cost effective dash systems on the market today.

If you have a car with a current aftermarket engine management system, the IQ3 Street allows connectivity with over 20 different engine management brands to display and or log all the sensor values that are already being utilized by the engine management system. Likewise if you have a car with a factory engine management system after about 2006 you can select OBD2 as your ECU type and the IQ3 Street will communicate with the factory engine management system. This eliminates the need to install extra sensors for the dash when they are already in the engine.

If you have a car that does not have an ECU but instead has a carburetor and a distributor you can still use the IQ street dash, this is because both the street display and logger dashes have the following dedicated inputs.


  • Engine RPM
  • Road Speed
  • Fuel Level
  • Oil Pressure
  • Oil Temperature
  • Coolant Temperature
Any or all of the above dedicated inputs can be used in conjunction with a engine management system or as a stand alone installation. 


In addition to the engine sensors Haltech IQ3 Street dashes also have the following inputs.


  • Turn Signals
  • Park Brake
  • High Beam
  • Parking/Tail Light
The left and right turn signals trigger a green LED on the left or right hand side of the dash, the E brake or park brake triggers a red LED, the high beam indicates a blue LED  and the parkers or tail light input dims the dash so that it is not so bright at night.


It also has 2 outputs one which is an external warning or shift light, and the other can be triggered off any of the sensor values the dash is reading.  For example you can use this to trigger a thermo fan when thew coolant temperature exceeds a certain value set by you.

All of these direct inputs and outputs are wired through an industry standard 34 pin AMP connector on the back of the dash along side the mini usb communications port which is used to program the dash, and the RACEPAK V NET port which is used to add a huge variety of  all the racepak sensors.  The 34pin AMP connector is supplied with the dash in a flying loom style this means that all the wires are terminated into the connector and all you need to do is connect each colour coded wire to its corresponding function in the car.

The shift lights across the top of the screen work in a progressive fashion from the outside in, you can program when each of these sets turn on.

The handbrake light is a little special in the way it turns on when the hand brake turns on but is also used as a programmable warning light which can be triggered by up to 8 different conditions in the event of a warning light being triggered we can setup a text display along the bottom of the screen so you immediately know what the problem is and the value thats being triggered. 

You can program the intensity or brightness of the shift lights , warning lights and back lighting of the dash as well as dimming all the lighting when the headlights are on.

The haltech IQ3 display is capable of 4 different configurations which you can scroll through with a button wired into the AMP connector on the back of the unit each of these configurations can display up to 7 different values.

For example you might have RPM, Manifold Pressure, Air Fuel Ratio, Oil Pressure and Fuel Pressure and Gear on the first page, or you might have RPM, Odometer, Trip Meter, Battery Voltage and Gear on the second page. Its up to you how you would like to configure your four display pages 

To mount the haltech IQ3 Street into your car there are a few different methods. You could use an aluminium backing plate which mounts to your steering column or similar. You could install a mounting panel which has a recess for the dash to fit into then trim to size to fit into your factory cluster area. Or you could make your own mounting bracket if you prefer using the 3 mounting studs on the back of the dash the mouting template is included with the packaging.

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