ABS M5 Kit - Clubsport Kit

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IMPROVE lap times, SAVE tyres and STAY on the track...!!

- Clubsport kit Kit includes: ABS unit, M/C pressure sensor, Malfunction lamp, Map selection switch, Accel/Yaw rate sensor and mounting plate, Generic wheel speed sensors and universal pre-made vehicle wiring harness.
- Can be installed as standalone or integrated with other electronics in the vehicle, eg: Dash, ECU.
- CAN output: transmits key sensor data, eg: wheel speeds, acceleration, yaw rate...etc, 500kB or 1Mb available, specify at time of order
- Can work with DF11s (standard) or DF11i (intelligent) wheel speed sensors, specify at time of order
- Mofidication of M/C and brake pipes may be required

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Application and model suitability:

- Suitable for custom fitment to almost any race car. Please contact us to confirm details.

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