• Suits all BA/BF and FG Ford DOHC 6 cylinder engines
  • 300-460rwkw rating -Spec 2 springs available for more than 460rw.
  • Premium quality - We guarantee these to be the best quality bee-hive style valve springs available on the open market
  • At over 300 rear wheel kilowatts (400hp), these are a must in order to stop valve float


  • Valve float causes damage to valve stem seals and collets / retainers. Once installed, a much more powerful and free reving top end power curve is possible.


  • OEM valve springs have approx 50 psi seat pressure, once 15 psi is added to this equation (which acts against the valve spring), approximately only 35 psi seat pressure is left. This is nowhere near enough to keep the valves shut at high rpms


  • 95 Pound on the seat  installed height of the new springs, some 75% more stiffness


  • Highly recommend for 300+rwkW applications
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